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21 Jan

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Hairy pussy girls

21 Jan

My wife, her hairy pussy and I have been married about 15 many years and have two youngsters. Our marriage has become a good one particular. Kristie is actually a tall brunette with a good figure and really pale skin – she keeps herself in form. Right after the children have been born she got a bit body fat but lost that and has become slim and really alluring ever given that. Our sex lifestyle has been what you may phone “normal”. We now have not fanaticized about swinging or bringing another person into bed with us. Kristie doesn’t like providing head but she does like obtaining it in the ass – go figure.

We are on a tight spending budget so determined to get dinner in your own home that night. Kristie produced lasagna and all of us drank a whole lot of red wine. Following the children went to bed we stayed up drinking and acquiring an excellent time. Kristie obviously knew all about Taylor however they had by no means met. They got along quite well – joking and laughing about everything you could think of. I had had a extended day so about 11 pm I excused myself went to bed. At 2am I woke up and instinctively reached above for Kristie – the bed was empty. The home was dark and really so I got up and went out to find out what was up. The residing room was dark and empty. I walked down the hall to the bedrooms on the other side of the residence. Every single in the children has a room and we’ve a guest room. The door to the guest space was ajar. Assuming Taylor had crashed and Kristie was off within the garage or someplace I walked up to the guest area door and was likely to pull it shut so that the children wouldn’t wake Taylor when they got up the following morning. As I approached to door I could hear muffled sounds. Looking in I could see Kristie on her back with her white legs splayed open as broad because they might be exposing her wet hairy pussy. Taylor was amongst those legs with his little black ass pumping up and down quickly. I was shocked and scared and freaked out in more approaches than I can explain. I was also frozen in location and it was like I couldn’t move or talk or experience. They were clearly attempting to remain really so you could not hear a lot more than the bed creating a steady rhythm. I stood there transfixed for a couple of minutes as I watched Taylor’s ass pumping up and down up and down among Kristie’s legs. The white on black contrast while in the dark was riveting – I’ll by no means forget that vision. The door to the guest room is at the bottom with the bed so their heads were away from me and they were as well busy to pay much focus to anything else anyway so I stayed there undetected and transfixed on that hairy pussy pumping my wife. I don’t know how extended – it seemed like hrs but I recognized later is was only a few munities. hairy pussy